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Okay But, Pollywogs.

You may have never really thought about it, but there are tadpoles, and then there are frogs. But like, in between those two things, there is the pollywog.

First of all, let's talk about the word pollywog. Say it out loud. Don't you love it? I love it. It makes me wish I had more (any) reasons to bring up pollywogs.

Secondly, look at it. It's legitimately something you would see tearing down a city in Spiderman 2, made at that scary science factory where Emma Stone works.

Thirdly, there is a pollywog in one of my best friend's profile picture. How weird is that? Why? Well it's because there's a pond in her yard and we picked up the pollywogs and played with them. Also weird, but the pic is pretty cute, I'll agree.

In summary, you're welcome for reminding you that pollywogs exist.

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